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Four Harvest has something for everyone! Daisy, Zoey, Leo, and Daphne (the dogs of Four Harvest) all appreciate the flavors of real beef. The bones are smoked, and the raw ground is a mix of meat, trimmings, and organs. 

Leo's favorite is the ground. We cook it and add it to his food, as he prefers his meal to have extra treats mixed in. Daphne the giant floof likes the big knuckle bone as it keeps her busy for a long time. Daisy prefers the shank for determined chewing, and Zoey enjoys the rib bones for a quick snack before she is off to her next activity. 

No matter your dog's preference, treat them with pasture-raised beef. 

Please note these are to be used for treats only. Ground dog food is not a complete diet. When cooked, it makes a great addition to their meal. Please review your dog's diet and treat options with your veterinarian. 

Border Collie not included. 

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