Our Story

Hello and welcome! We're Stephen and Marissa Fortin, owners of Spring Hill Family Farm.  We both grew up in Chetek, met when we were in high school, lived in the city for a while but always wanted to return. In 2016 we bought the family farm where Marissa grew up and began making plans to raise food for our community. In 2017 we started with our first flock of one hundred chickens, made a zillion mistakes along the way, and found ourselves loving the process of raising animals on pasture. 


 Stephen and Marissa standing in a field

In 2021 we partnered with Logan and Amber Dwyer of Havin Hills Rolling Acres. They also grew up on farms in the Chetek area and settled on the Dwyer family farm. They're raising beef, turkeys, and multiple crops using techniques that protect and build soil.

Together we work to serve our community, providing convenient access to quality meat. 

 slightly younger farmers