Chicken Bone Broth Kit


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$2.50/lb, on sale for $1/lb 

Kit includes a mix of chicken backs, necks, and feet from our pasture-raised chickens. Have you been wanting to make your own bone broth? It's super easy. Pour the contents of one bone broth kit into a slow cooker, stovetop pressure cooker, or Instant Pot. Fill the pot with water and add a couple of bay leaves, then either slow cook for 24 hours or pressure cook for 3 hours. Add plenty of salt to taste and you've got golden, collagen-rich broth for soup or for drinking plain.  Three pounds is perfect for six quarts of water, and four pounds goes with eight quarts of water. But don't worry about exact measurements. I promise you that my grandmother never measured her stock ingredients once in all her 94 years. 

Why feet? They're full of gelatin which gives bone broth that Jell-O like consistency when it's refrigerated.

We raise our chickens on pasture, moving them to a new area of grass every day so they can peck for plants and bugs. Thanks to fresh air, good food, and activity our chicken demonstrates how chicken is supposed to taste.